We have a fiduciary duty to put your best interests first and as your co-fiduciary help reduce your liability.
We are always learning and incorporating the latest technologies, investment opportunities, and service offerings to improve your 401(k) plan.
We will recommend a customized 401(k) solution based on your profile and objectives.
We are not paid any commissions or placement fees on funds or 401(k) providers that we recommend. Total fees usually include the cost for administration, record keeping, custody, trading, advisory and training.
We are passionate about helping your employees reach their retirement goals.
We believe in socially responsible investing and can incorporate these opportunities into your 401(k) fund menu.

Transparent 401K, LLC was founded to address the complaints and needs of companies confused and frustrated with their retirement plan’s fees, funds, and services. The founder, Marianna Prueger, used to work for large banks and insurance companies that often charged their customers large undisclosed fees wrapped in funds. Passionate about offering companies and their employees a much better solution, she founded Transparent 401K.

Transparent 401K is a Registered  Independent Advisory firm that specializes in helping companies with their 401(k) plans by cutting costs and improving their fund selection while providing full disclosure and transparency. We only work with experienced partners that offer full disclosure, open architecture, and fee transparency. Advisors do not receive revenue sharing, commissions, or placement fees. As a result we have been able to provide companies with substantial savings and a much better fund selection.

How do we make money?

We receive a fee based on a percentage of assets in your account or may charge a minimum fee.


Prior to founding Transparent 401K, Marianna Prueger worked as an executive at Invesco and JP Morgan Chase and as a Vice President at Credit Suisse. She gained retirement training and 401(k) administration experience while representing several 401(k) providers including Great West Retirement and Transamerica. She completed her MBA at Rice University and grew up in South America. She is fluent in Spanish, Hungarian, and French.