Transparent 401K works with leading partners including TD Ameritrade, Broadridge Matrix, ADP, and Charles Schwab  to provide you with the best retirement services including both non-qualified and qualified plans: 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, 457 plans and defined benefit plans.

Our approach to tailoring the perfect retirement solution for your company is to provide you with a complimentary 401(k) analysis of your plan. We will uncover your plan’s fees and provide you with an analysis of your funds, operations, and service options. All information obtained will be kept strictly confidential.

Fund Selection

We will recommend the appropriate mix of investments depending upon the results of your 401(k) Plan Analysis, size of your company, and your employee’s investment needs. Some of our plans prefer a majority of Index and Target Date Funds while others prefer a mix of Active, Index, and a self-directed brokerage option. We also often incorporate socially responsible and other specialty funds into our investment menu.

Benchmarking of Fees

We review all Plan related fees and expenses and make sure they are competitive. We help negotiate the best fee structures possible. We utilize independent and objective third party benchmark services to provide you with substantial savings.

401(k) Operational Assistance and Fiduciary Best Practices

We work very closely with 401(k) providers to help with plan design and other operations in an effort to increase participation and pass non-discrimination testing. We conduct annual or quarterly review meetings to assist plan sponsors oversee and monitor all aspects of Plan performance including investment returns, fee competitiveness, Plan operational issues, and educational support.

Newsletters and Training

All of our customers receive quarterly market and investment updates, training and investment advice.

We also support plans with large Latino populations and offer bilingual services.